Almond Joy Pieces



Okay, I know what you’re all thinking: Almond Joys– no matter what size they are– are NOT a diet snack. And to be honest, you’re right. But in the spirit of Halloween, I’ve decided to blog about an actual candy today; a candy that contains not only calories and fat, but real sugar, too. This is a once-in-a-lifetime post, so pay attention. if Kate Middleton would EVER eat Almond Joys. But it's a good costume!

Everyone deserves a little treat on Halloween, and it only took me 20 minutes of scrutinizing every item in the candy aisle at Duane Reade until I came across Almond Joy Pieces— my Halloween treat. Almond Joy Pieces are M&M-size candies that taste like mini Almond Joys. I actually find them more delicious than original Almond Joys, and I’m not saying that just because admitting to loving any King Size candy would make me seem like a gluttonous hog, which I’m not (though I am often mistaken for one when I’m at the toppings bar at 16 Handles…) Each piece tastes as if it contains sweet coconut shavings, creamy milk chocolate and real almond slivers. I know it’s unlikely that every one of these candy coated gems has all that goodness inside its shell, but strange things do happen around this time of year.

But she does eat pancakes?? Princesses get away with everything.

On top of being so good it’s spooky, there are just 200 calories in every 47 pieces. I don’t usually like to blog about anything even slightly caloric, and to save myself from a lifetime of shame I won’t even mention the fat content, but I’m letting loose for the holiday and suggest you do too! Back to carrots and diet coke tomorrow…WAH.


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  1. I love this so much!!!! It’s spooky! WAH!

  2. These are DELICIOUS!!!!!! Thanks for the tip, but eating the whole bag at one time is a very real possibility.

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