CLIF Kid Organic ZBar

My sister has an amazing snack cabinet in her house. I go over to her house fairly often, and though she may think it’s so I can spend time with her and her three kids, it’s really because I like to check out any new additions to the snack cabinet. There have been times when I’ve come close to trampling my 2-year-old niece, Charley, to death because of my mad dash for the snacks.

Just making my way to the snack cabinet

It was on one of my snack-stampedes that I came across ZBars. I think one of my nephews had brought one home from school, and loved the bar so much that my sister has been stocking her cabinet with them ever since. ZBars are the kid version of CLIF bars, and though I’m no Sam Sifton, I have to say that in every way, ZBars are better than their parent-food, the CLIF bar. It’s very possible that I’m too old to be eating a kid product, but I overlook my age when it comes to ZBars. They come in seven flavors– chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, s’mores, honey graham, peanut butter, full-moon brownie (whatever that is), and blueberry– and the only one I’m hesitant to try is blueberry. I’m a chocolate chip devotee, which is a point of contention between me and my nephew (Mac is a die-hard chocolate brownie fan).

With only 130 calories a bar, these are the perfect portable snack to throw in your bag as you’re running out the door. And they travel well, too! I’ve never been happier than the time I was starving and alone in Vietnam and I reached into my bag and found a ZBar!

As for my sister’s snack cabinet…I can only hope that her kids don’t outgrow ZBars. But I don’t think they will anytime soon: I’m almost 24 and I’m still eating them!

Hello friend.


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