Office Makeup: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

At the office, we want to look good without looking too done up. Even if you’re not sure of your ensemble during your morning rush, be sure of your lipstick—a pop of color on the lips can work wonders for you at work. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: dark colors make your lips looks smaller while light colors make them look fuller and most importantly, your lipstick should complement your skin tone.

A lipstick color similar to your natural lip color with just a little kick is a proven brightener for your face and compliments your features. Sheen Supreme Lipsticks from Mac Cosmetics ($14.50) are among my favorites because they not only have a multitude of colors, but they also go on smoothly and have lasting color.

For fair skin, try lighter colors for every day–like light pinks, peaches and nude colors. Anything in the brown or burgundy family will look too harsh against a pale complexion.

Sheer Mandarin

Most olive and medium skin tones look best in berries, mauves and wine colored shades. Stay away from bright oranges and yellow based colors as they’ll make your skin look sallow.

Supreme Style

Colors with warm undertones, like a cinnamon or amber, create a great everyday look on dark skinned women.

Look at Her!

Lastly, a quick trick to keep your color from fading is lip liner. After outlining with a pencil liner, color your lips with a liner that matches your lipstick color. This provides a sticking base for your lipstick that ensures the true color of the lipstick shows. Finish with a clear gloss to avoid a matte look.


Images courtesy of Temptalia and MAC.


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