Office Nails: Caress and Blue Lagoon

Aside from our posts on summer reds and Olympic-inspired gold, we tend to veer towards neutrals, pinks, or pastels when it comes to summer nails for the office, and this week is no different.

Baby blue, one of the most popular pastels, is a wonderful summer polish; it adds color and personality to your look, and it’s complimentary to more skin tones than bold colors. Unfortunately, a lot of polishes that appear to be baby blue in the bottle turn out much darker once you apply them. Here are two shades that will give you the light blue that will give you a much needed coolness in the middle of the summer heat.

Caress by Illamasqua

Illamasqua is an exciting makeup brand widely known for its dramatic nail polish colors, so Caress—a “cornflower blue, with a gloss finish”— is somewhat of a departure. Launched as part of Illamasqua’s Spring 2010 collection, Caress is a very delicate, pale baby blue (click here to see how it looks when worn), making it a perfect color for a range of skin tones and offices.

You can purchase the nail polish for $14 at Sephora or for $21 at the Illamasqua site.


Blue Lagoon by Revlon

Blue Lagoon is a shade from Revlon’s 2011 Summer Romantics collection. Slightly warmer than Caress (depending on the number of coats), Blue Lagoon is a pale baby blue with an iridescent shimmer (click here to see how it looks when worn). Retailing for approximately $6 a bottle, Blue Lagoon is a more affordable alternative to Caress.

You can purchase Revlon nail polishes online and at supermarkets and drugstores across the country.

Images courtesy of Sephora and Target.


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