Office Wear: Colored Pants

Although bright colored trousers may seem too audacious for most corporate establishments, pairing them with a simple top may just land you in the clear for casual Fridays or other less formal office environments. Plus, trousers have the sophistication of a vertical crease, which not only creates a polished look but also vertically divides our thighs, trimming them visually to create a thinner, more polished silhouette.

With less than six weeks of summer left, we thought it’d be nice to show off our favorite bold bottoms while we can, all of which can be paired with any tucked in neutral toned shirt.

For only $59.90, these Zara Cotton Trousers with Turn-up Hem come in neutral tones like gray, cream, and hunter green so they’ll prove to be a staple for your closet. They’re sophisticated with tidy twin slash pockets yet playful with a colored belt.


These fun cropped Café Capris in retro jade from J. Crew cost $128 and will keep you prancing about the office all day, but try and contain yourself—after all you’re a professional. Made of lightweight wool that’s versatile enough for year round wear, these trousers are tapered so they flatter any body type.

All three bold hues (dark saffron and modern red) come are designed with J. Crew signature low rise—city fit. Top them with an elegant cream blouse to make it chic or make it dazzle with a blazer—either way you’ll be turning heads.


Kate Spade puts the co(urage) in cobalt with these royal cobalt Davis Skinny Pants for $248. Like the J. Crew capris, these are spun with a lightweight tropical cotton that transgresses season boundaries. A dark yet brilliant color like cobalt can easily become a statement piece for any closet.

The fabric’s two percent spandex composition allows for breathing room many other office slacks lack. Slip them on during your morning rush with a pale colored top so as not to outshine the bright blue.


Images courtesy of Zara, J. Crew, and Kate Spade.


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