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Chocolove Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate

I strongly believe that the combination of spicy and sweet is one of the best flavor combos out there, and it seems like chocolate tends to be the best sweet to pair with spicy. On top of that, now that we know that dark chocolate (in moderation) can be good for you, it’s possible to get the spicy and the sweet without the guilt or fear. If you like spicy food and are looking for a bar with a kick, Chocolove’s Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate is for you.

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Lindt Excellence Chili Bar

Like red wine, dark chocolate belongs to the short list of indulgent foods/drinks people like that are actually good for us. In moderation, of course. According to a study conducted by researchers from San Diego State University, dark chocolate can have a positive effect on the heart by lowering “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar levels while raising good cholesterol levels. Excellent! So why not celebrate this (old) good news with a bar of dark chocolate? Seems appropriate to me!

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Annie’s Fruit Snacks

I love fruit snacks so much. I truly believe that they are one of the best snacks to grace the Earth. They make purple taste good which everyone knows rarely ever happens. Purple Flavor-Ice? Always the last one left in the fridge. Purple popsicle? Barely worth the sticky fingers. Dimetapp? I rest my case.

As great as they are, most fruit snacks aren’t vegan friendly because they contain gelatin or beeswax. I strongly believe that vegans should be able to eat fruit snacks too! Luckily for vegans, Annie’s Homegrown Organic Fruit Snacks exist.

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Go Max Go Candy Bars

These are vegan chocolate candy bars. I am not a vegan but I love chocolate and they were on sale so I decided to give two of them a try. I ended up choosing the Buccaneer bar and the Mahalo bar.

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Chocolite Pecan Clusters

Dear Skinny Office,

I have been reading your blog for several weeks now and I thoroughly enjoy it. One minor difference for me is that I am not a skinny girl, in a skinny office. I am a chubby chick surrounded by other fellow chubby co-workers. The vending machine isn’t far from my desk. Even though my knees hurt from my weight while walking to select my favorite junk snacks, I push it that extra burn to get to my prized food of choice. And not to put myself down, just telling it like it is, I suppose if I used the same amount of energy to exercise I’d be better off, none the less I do move to get my food, does that count for anything? However, all kidding aside, your blog has helped me to begin to change my habits. At first, I will not lie, I felt sad thinking why can’t I think like they do and just eat skinny food for skinny people. But, after a few reads of your food choices and that you actually do eat the stuff you write about, I thought why don’t I follow their suggestions and at least try.

The reason I am writing this, is because after taking in all that you have been teaching me on your blog, I have started an exercise regimen and even joined a weightloss group and I have set a weightloss goal! (Do you realize how many woman who are struggling with their weight, are stuck in their mindset of eating all the wrong foods, continually making poor food choices, who can benefit from the information you write on your blog? And you even make it light and cheerful and smart and funny!) The fact is that I like what you have to say, and yet I am not as skinny as either of you (by the looks of your logo and the few scattered photos I have seen on your site, I see that you are in fact skinny true to written form). Nor am I as skinny as the majority of NYC’s young, lithe, office workers in their fabulous fashions. But just maybe if I do make the healthy choices that you suggest, I will maybe be one step closer to my target weight and hey, if you wanna be healthy skinny, do as skinny office girls do.

Now trust me, I have enjoyed getting to the poundage I am at now. The food was wonderfully satisfying, until I stood on the scale after gorging. Understand though, I do believe people are beautiful in all sizes, big and small. But for me, I also want to feel good, and well, being overweight does not make your body feel good. It is a burden especially walking, and most painfully walking up and down stairs, and when you start to wobble, well that is a clear indication that you pretty much have to start to reduce. And quite frankly, I wasn’t born fat so I really should not be fat. An extra meatball, a pizza slice and pretty much an extra of anything I could get my grubby little hands on (as well as stress) led me to this unwanted and unnecessary weight gain.

Your blog and sense of humor have been slowly inspiring me to see the ‘light’ (in snack food). And even though you and I are not similar in physical and gastronomical respects, I do enjoy the healthy snack ideas that make the two of you stay so very slim and trim, and I tried a few of your suggestions and I can actually say that I can eat this stuff and feel satisfied. For instance, I find the mini babybel light cheeses quite tasty and a great idea for on the go when you have to rush out the door without breakfast or lunch.

Most importantly, I started to take control of my situation and my health and my life. Thanks to you girls, I even started to do some research on my own, looking for a healthy snack that can be substituted for one of my fave junk food items and I found an online website that carries this DELICIOUS candy snack that is actually low-cal, low-carb and high fiber and it tastes like one of those chocolate turtle candies that I can buy in any weight per bag candy store! I kid you not skinny girls, this chubby girl found something that even you and I can be on the same level playing field with, CHOCOLATE, and it is not the high calorie scrumptious chocolate, but it’s every bit as pleasing to the taste buds. The new prized food “Chocolite Pecan Clusters” (the website sells several different varieties of chocolate candies). Believe me and I know you will, considering I am a walking resume of knowing my food. This stuff tastes great, and it can actually be eaten without guilt!!! Don’t ya just love me? I mean ‘it’?

Here goes:
Chocolite Pecan Clusters
30 calorie a piece/2 pieces per package
1 net carb
6g fiber

Chocolite website:

Well, there you have it, I just want to share this with you girls and all of my sister tribe out there, no matter how big or small you are. Girls unite for a firmer derriere and a healthy body, mind and through-the-roof confidence and maybe even a whistle or two when you walk down the street.

Thank you so much Skinny Office,
On my way to being healthy skinny and still being fabulous all the way to my goal,
Your virtual office friend,
Kate K.

Mini Candy Canes

‘Twas 8 am Sunday morning, when all through my boyfriend’s apartment, not a roommate was stirring, not even the unidentifiable guy sleeping on the couch. Their big “Christmukkah” party had been the night before, and after a night of eating, drinking, dancing, crying a little, and then dancing more, I woke up needing a glass of water almost as much as I need this snood (hint hint, Mom…oh who am I kidding, she’s not reading).

As I tiptoed into the living room, I surveyed the wreckage. Lots of empty beer cans, half-eaten cookies, a small pile of nuts on the floor…not too bad, I thought, as I cautiously made my way to the sink. My own room has looked worse, often after a trying-on-everything-I-own-while-wailing-that-I-hate-it-all rampage.

It seems that I wasn’t quite cautious enough, because all of a sudden I felt some sort of sticky rod-shaped object beneath my (previously) clean, festively-red-toenailed foot. I gingerly lifted up my foot to see what it was: a lone, half-crushed mini candy cane–the poor little guy! Must’ve been in the wrong place in the wrong time. Welcome to my life, I wanted to tell it.

I managed to clean off my foot, obtain my water (Mother Nature’s SkinnyDrink), and sneak back into bed without being completely traumatized. The whole incident, while unfortunate, ended up serving a very useful purpose in reminding me 1) always to wear socks in my boyfriend’s apartment, and 2) about one of the season’s best SkinnySnacks–mini candy canes.

Mini candy canes = mini you!

There is literally NO downside to mini candy canes, they are like manna from Santa. THREE of them are about 40-50 calories. They are festive, minty sweet, and take a long time to eat. You can even lick one until the end gets all pointy and then use it to threaten an irritating coworker. Holding one will add a charming sense of holiday spirit to your appearance, so you can flaunt one in front of that cute new guy. They are cute and striped and will make your breath smell better after all that garlic hummus. And if none of those reasons are enough, even my homie Snoop likes them. Enough said.

Epilogue: Later, I went into the kitchen and scanned the room for other, whole, wrapped mini candy canes that I was maybe or maybe not planning on stealing for the office. Alas, none were to be found. What else could I do but take an unopened bottle of wine instead?

Honey Stinger Energy Chews/ I love you Lamar Odom

Klearly it’s going to take more to konvince Khloé Kardashian to kome to dinner than one blog post. It’s been 24 hours, I’ve yet to hear back from Ms. Odom or her people, and I am not happy about it. I really don’t wear desperation well, and I would just hate for Hollywood’s royal family to feel heckled or irked by my earnest pleas for a dinner date, so this will be my final appeal to Khloé and Lamar to join my friend Katie and her family for a meal at their home in Dallas.

This time Lamar, I’m talking to you: First I must admit that I do not really watch your basketball games. In fact, if I was asked to rate my level of interest in the NBA on a scale of 1-10 I would have to pick a negative number. I am more compelled by this crab than I am by professional basketball. I hear you’re a stellar player though; my dad and my brother often speak of your agility, accuracy, and overall athleticism. Though I’m not usually one to rely on second-hand information, if it means not having to suffer through four quarters of lay-ups and free-throws and mediocre halftime performances, hearsay will suffice.

But LamLam, lucky for me and every other 23-year-old girl in North America, you do not limit your TV appearances to ESPN! Nothing makes my day more than seeing you and your wife on E!, and between you and me, your wedding to Khloé was much classier than Kim’s nuptials/Quinceanera/celebrity block party.

I know you have a busy schedule. Between moving to Texas, devising game plans so the Mavericks will squash the Lakers when they play in February, and figuring out how to avoid an awkward game-day run-in with the man who was your brother-in-law for 72 days, you must be totally stressed. Take it from someone who understands. (So millions of dollars don’t depend on the height of my vertical jump…making photocopies is stressful too, Lamar!) You’ve gotta keep yourself focused and healthy.

That’s why I’d like to recommend Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews— particularly the pomegranate flavor. I used to eat these things like M&Ms in college, especially when I was studying in the library. With only 160 calories in every 10 chews, Honey Stinger chews are not only delicious and naturally energy-boosting, but also low-cal enough to allow you to eat as many as you need without gaining an ounce (if NBA players worry about that kind of thing…I know food bloggers do.)

Honey Stinger Chews are great for on or off the court– I love to eat them in the office– but if you’re craving something a bit more substantial, you may want to consider accepting Katie’s mom’s dinner invitation. I know yesterday I said she was going to be cooking a Greek meal, and I don’t want to grovel, but I bet she’d be willing to change the menu to whatever you want if you agree to attend. You can even bring Rob if you want!

Hope to see you soon!

Lamar doesn't need any help on the court...but if he's feeling a little tired after the holidays, these are the perfect pick-me-up!


Andes Chocolate Mints

Last night after work, Elena and I had a SkinnyOffice dinner party. I shouldn’t really call it a dinner party since it was just me and Elena sitting on the floor of my apartment eating sushi, but this time of year everything is more festive, and with my Christmas tree in the background, even two people sharing a few slabs of raw fish seems like a holiday get-together.

Elena didn't even take off her jacket before begging me to take her holiday shot

We were singing along to the Glee Christmas album, dreaming of Christmas (and Hanukkah) presents, and Elena was feeling so jolly she made me take pictures of her standing alone next to the tree. Maybe it was the smell of the tree (or the smell of the pine-tree-scented candle I lit), but by the time we finished dinner we were feeling so lighthearted that we decided to have dessert. I don’t mean some frozen grapes and a shot of limoncello, the kind of dessert you may assume people who write a blog called SkinnyOffice would eat. We’re talking real dessert: a bag of week-old cookies, a few handfuls of red and green M&Ms, some Hershey’s kisses, and some very stale Almond Joy Pieces (why are all my desserts old?).

Overcome by the holiday spirit, we didn’t want to leave any seasonal treat uneaten, but the only thing left to eat in my apartment was Andes Chocolate Mints. I insisted that Andes mints are not a holiday candy– mints are ALWAYS in season, right? Elena disagreed. Since I was in a particularly generous mood last night, I gave in and we indulged in one last treat. But it turns out it was not an indulgence at all! Andes Chocolate mints only have 25 calories EACH!

Putting them in a star-shaped bowl makes them look more festive

Andes Chocolate mints are made of one sliver of mint sandwiched between two pieces of dark chocolate. It really is a winning combination. I know we’ve talked about holiday miracles before, and it seems that the 2011 holiday season is turning out to be even more miraculous that I had imagined (snack-wise, of course!)

I’ve already filled my jacket pockets with Andes mints. God forbid I’m on the subway (or anywhere) without a snack…now I can just pull a chocolate mint out of my pocket, and 25 calories later, I’m satisfied!

SkinnySubmission: Popcorn, Indiana’s Apple Crisp

I don’t know about you, but I have already began celebrating my favorite holiday of the year (yes, even more than the sacred day of my birth); Thanksgiving.  I have always been a sucker for desserts and I will, to this day, lose control for anything apple…. apple pie, apple cider, honey crisp apples, apple pie gum, apple tortes, apple dumplings, caramel/ candy apples, apple streudel, apple butter, and most of all apple crisp… all of which are quite plentiful this time of year. I know what you’re thinking…. betch needs to get on a #diet.
Well, you could imagine my delight when I opened up the cabinet on one fine November afternoon (looking for something post-lunch to satisfy my sugar craving) when I found Popcorn, Indiana’s Apple Crisp Popcorn. At first glance, I thought I would have some major working out do to after consuming one bite of these crunchy caramel covered morsels, but after scanning the Nutrition Facts to see what kind of damage I was doing, I soon found that this would be MY Thanksgiving Miracle.

Pre-Thanksgiving treat

You are probably most familiar with Popcorn, Indiana’s White Cheddar flavor from the bag that your college roommate used to hide under her pillow munching away at after a night of drinking. If you think that is good, well, this limited edition flavor is so much better. With only 110 calories per serving (serving size is a just casual 1.5 cups), this is my version of apple crack.
These giant globs of caramel and oat covered popcorn will get your fingers a little sticky, but when you are sitting on gchat thinking about how you are so over this job, the trip to the bathroom to wash off those paws with be well worth it.
Anne-Marie, 23, student

College Students Need to Snack, Too!

We agreed right away when our friends at Honest College asked us to write a guest blog…

As recent college grads, our memories of spending hours upon hours in the library are still frighteningly fresh in our minds. We can almost smell the books. But what we remember most about those dreadful evenings, weekends, weeknights (we spent a lot of time studying!) in the library is how the only way to alleviate the pain of homework is by snacking….click here to read more!