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Off to Market: Blue Moon Fish

Named a “Greenmarket staple” by the 2008 Zagat Survey, Blue Moon Fish has been selling Long Island caught fish at New York City Greenmarkets since 1988 at the start of the local food movement. Although the founding couple Alex and Stephanie Villani dock their boat (and namesake) in Mattituck, Long Island, we recently caught up with co-founder Stephanie at their Union Square Greenmarket stall where they sell fresh whole and filleted fish, shellfish, and their own smoked and pickled fish on Wednesdays.

In addition to their Union Square stand, you can find Blue Moon Fish at the Grand Army Plaza and Tribeca Greenmarkets on Saturdays. You can also check them out on Twitter @bluemoonfishnyc.

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College Students Need to Snack, Too!

We agreed right away when our friends at Honest College asked us to write a guest blog…

As recent college grads, our memories of spending hours upon hours in the library are still frighteningly fresh in our minds. We can almost smell the books. But what we remember most about those dreadful evenings, weekends, weeknights (we spent a lot of time studying!) in the library is how the only way to alleviate the pain of homework is by snacking….click here to read more!

Whole Foods’ Low-fat Tuna Salad


Ah, tuna salad. How our relationship has changed from those grade-school days when I found you in my lunch bag and promptly threw you in the trash, to my high-school days when I consumed you without abandon, to my college days when I avoided you like the plague because of your one less-than-diet-friendly ingredient: mayo. That devil.

Anyway, imagine my amazed disbelief when my coworker told me she had found a tuna salad that had NO mayo, was delicious, and was packaged in a portion-sized container for only 90 calories! Yup, Whole Foods makes a low-fat tuna salad that is all of these things and more.

I practically ran to Whole Foods, though when I got there I immediately slowed down and walked around in the casual, aloof way that I like to think intimidates other shoppers. I strolled by the cold prepared foods section AND THERE IT WAS, priced at two for $5–as if things couldn’t get any better! I picked up a container in an offhand kind of way, pretending to look bored, paid for it, and raced back to the office to try it.

The Tsukiji market in Tokyo--where fish go to get flown overseas, sold to Whole Foods, and made into a DILL-icious lunch!

SkinnyWorkers, this tuna salad is so good. Instead of using the Ingredient-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, the culinary wizards at Whole Foods have mixed the tuna with dill, little pieces of peppers and gerkins, and mustard. It is so delicious and good for you, you’re going to want to eat it every day. But don’t–gotta watch those mercury levels!