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Office Nails: Waking Up in Vegas and Dove

Gray is a fantastic color. From sheer blouses to pencil skirts, gray pieces add a delicate refinement to an ensemble that darker neutrals cannot, and when it comes to nails, gray polish is no different.

As a neutral, gray is simultaneously conservative and complementary, with shades that work with every skin tone. For the summer, choosing a gray polish with cool undertones will have you abiding by the conservative company dress policy without boring yourself to tears.

Waking Up in Vegas by Deborah Lippman

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Office Wear: Colored Pants

Although bright colored trousers may seem too audacious for most corporate establishments, pairing them with a simple top may just land you in the clear for casual Fridays or other less formal office environments. Plus, trousers have the sophistication of a vertical crease, which not only creates a polished look but also vertically divides our thighs, trimming them visually to create a thinner, more polished silhouette.

With less than six weeks of summer left, we thought it’d be nice to show off our favorite bold bottoms while we can, all of which can be paired with any tucked in neutral toned shirt.

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Summer Office Scents

As an accessory, perfume can express your personality and elevate your look, or it can clog your coworkers’ nostrils. While summer is ideal for sweet floral scents, many of them can be overpowering for the confined space of an office; so, instead of overwhelming your colleagues with excessively saccharine perfumes, try lighter, delicate, floral scents that are season and office appropriate.

Here are some fragrances bursting with freshness that will keep you awake at your desk and smelling good all summer long.

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Taking Your Lunch Break on the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side isn’t exactly office central of New York City (that would be Midtown—Central, East, or West—or the Financial District), but there’s no question that people who do work in the area need to duck out of the office every so often. While several of New York City’s other neighborhoods have many spaces and parks for the public to explore and enjoy, the Upper East Side has very few (not counting Central Park because that’s obviously a huge attraction).

Nevertheless, this is still the Upper East Side and the neighborhood makes sure its public spaces, as few as they may be, count.

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Job Search Engines: Non-Profit

Last week’s Job Search Engine post focused on four of the biggest and most popular sites and identified the pros and cons of the search engines, while noting what type of jobs (and internships) one is likely to find on each site.  Of the four sites profiled, Craigslist and Indeed are the best for finding jobs in non-profit, with the former having a specific “nonprofit sector” job section and the latter regularly featuring jobs in the arts, education, social services, as well as other non-profit fields.

Although Craigslist and Indeed can be extremely helpful when looking for a job in non-profit, here are our picks for specific non-profit search engines that make it easier for you to find jobs that appeal to you without sifting through countless jobs that do not.

Yeah, we’re still Glinda-ing it up.

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Networking: Dos and Don’ts

Nobody said networking was easy. Engaging in conversation with strangers is difficult, but the potential connections will be lucrative for your future, so here are some tips to keep in mind next time you’re wringing your hands at the door.

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Office Nails: Caress and Blue Lagoon

Aside from our posts on summer reds and Olympic-inspired gold, we tend to veer towards neutrals, pinks, or pastels when it comes to summer nails for the office, and this week is no different.

Baby blue, one of the most popular pastels, is a wonderful summer polish; it adds color and personality to your look, and it’s complimentary to more skin tones than bold colors. Unfortunately, a lot of polishes that appear to be baby blue in the bottle turn out much darker once you apply them. Here are two shades that will give you the light blue that will give you a much needed coolness in the middle of the summer heat.

Caress by Illamasqua

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Office Fashion: Laptop Bags

It’s never fun lugging your laptop into work, but it’ll be a little less painful if you can find a cute and spacious bag for it. In today’s fashion post we’re talking about satchels—roomy everyday bags that will instantly add style points to your ensemble while conveniently carrying your laptop (and everything else you need for the day).


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Thank You Cards

In this digital age, two things are for certain: Japan will be the birthplace of the inevitable robot revolution and handwritten correspondence is all but a memory (cursive is the new abacus).

While emails and social media are amazing for instantaneous communication, handwritten notes such as a thank you card can still go a long way, especially in the workplace. Just like other relics of the past, a sighting of a thank you card is a memorable occasion, one that recipients will remember for a long time to come.

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The Great Escape: Express Facials

Aside from the end of the day, which is clearly the best part, lunchtime is one of the high points in a work day. It’s the only time when you can leave the office and do whatever your heart desires (within the allotted time). Sitting all day isn’t good for your body, staring at a computer screen for hours at a time can tire your eyes, and being in the office all day can kill your soul, so you should make every possible effort to leave during your break.

One of the best lunchtime escapes is the quick facial. A facial typically costs over $100, lasts for at least an hour, and is extremely relaxing; thankfully, express facials cost half as much, last half as long, yet still leave your skin and mind renewed and refreshed.

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