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Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky

Oh boy is right. This post, SkinnyFriends, is a special one, because it will be my last. (Elena here, by the way.) Between my heavy happy hour schedule, the new season of American Idol, and the increasing difficulty of keeping tabs on Lindsay Lohan’s whereabouts, I just don’t have the time anymore. I’m deeply sorry if any of you will miss my posts/anecdotes/sense of humor…especially sorry for those who’ll miss my sense of humor.

Fortunately, Georgia and her usual creepily acute awareness of Kate Middleton’s day-to-day life will still be here, so not to worry! Your daily snack suggestions will still arrive every morning in your email inbox (or if they don’t, follow us already for Christ’s sake!).

So here goes my last SkinnyStory!

Recently I’ve been having a protein problem. As in, I definitely don’t get enough of it. (Who knew you couldn’t get your daily protein intake with a cup of fro-yo?!) And my friend told me that sugar cravings often can be the result of not getting enough protein! Suddenly, everything in life made sense.

So I decided to get serious about my protein. The very next afternoon, while choosing my afternoon snack at the local bodega, I only considered items that were chock-full of protein. I surveyed my options: yogurt, nuts, protein bar…all the same old options I’m getting tired of. Then, I spotted an unlikely winner: Oh Boy! Oberto All-Natural Jerky. Any snack with an exclamation point in the title MUST be good.

My flavor recommendation: Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

I know, I know, you may have some reservations about jerky. For one thing, I know it’s not exactly the most feminine treat. In addition, usually the scary thing about jerky is that you don’t actually know what it is, like what has been put in it to make it so dry and chewy?? This jerky, however, is ALL-NATURAL so you can tear off a bite while being sure that there are no weird preservatives in it or anything. And I think we could all learn to embrace the inner tomboy in us once in a while!…I guess.

Jerky is severely underrated and undereaten by us girls; it’s insanely low in calories (about 90 for a serving), insanely high in protein, and insanely low in fat. Plus, it will completely cure/kill your salt cravings.

I wish you all the best in your office snacking endeavors and I will definitely still write if I discover any more amazing SkinnySnacks!




Archer Farms Chicken Sausage

Last night I had dinner with my friend Arielle, who usually wears a knee length mink coat but last night was wearing a puffy Juicy Couture jacket. I almost didn’t recognize her, but then she started talking about chess lessons and making Sound of Music references and I knew it was her. Anyway, at some point Arielle brought up a recent trip she took to Whole Foods, and she may have changed my life forever.

I think there are very few people who like sausage as much as I do–Arielle may be one of them, though. My love for sausage is why I love the Standard Biergarten so much, and if I could have sausage for three meals a day, I would. So when Arielle mentioned that she had found an 80 calorie chicken sausage, I was intrigued.

80 Calories of FUN

It turns out that many brands make low-calorie chicken sausage, but one that really stands out is Archer Farms– particularly their spinach and garlic variety. Eating these at work may be difficult, but you have a few options. (a) Cook them at home and bring them to work and eat them cold. (b) Cook them at home and bring them to work and heat them up in a microwave. Ok…so chicken sausages aren’t for everyone. But if it’s meat you’re craving (or protein,) this is a great option.

Cappuccino LÄRABAR

This weekend, one of my roommates went out on a date with the CEO of a very big, successful international corporation (the name of which I’m withholding not out of privacy but because it’s long and has a hyphen and I don’t exactly remember it). They first went to Armani to buy her a dress, and then he took her out to dinner. I mean, why doesn’t this stuff ever happen to me? I like Armani! I like dinner! Some girls get taken to Armani and Jean Georges, and I get to eat Mexican take-out in front of the Patriots game. SO unfair.

Anyway, so my roommate had to leave at about 3 in the afternoon for this date, and since she clearly wasn’t going to be eating dinner for a few hours, she had the good sense to have a little snack before she went. I came into the living room, in my colorful plaid Memphis pajama pants, clashing Navajo-inspired sweatshirt, and messy bun, prepared for the afternoon Sex & the City marathon, and my roommate was standing in the kitchen, hair curled, looking all fancy, munching on a mysterious kind of bar. I approached slowly, hoping that she wouldn’t be repulsed by my swamp-thing-like self, and asked her what she was eating.

“A cappuccino Larabar,” she said nonchalantly. I was instantly intrigued–she had me at “cappuccino.”

Just go ahead and buy 4, you'll want them.

I scurried back into my room and looked up these bars online. Apparently they’re a new flavor of Larabar (which explains why I hadn’t heard of them, because I have heard of and tried virtually every type of bar–protein bars, granola bars, wine bars…). But these are seriously the perfect bar–they have everything! 4 grams of fiber (I know, I know, I’m like the fiber police, but it’s important!), 5 grams of protein so it will actually help keep you full, and CAFFEINE from the real coffee beans in the bar.

I went out and bought one on my way to bikram yog–uh wait, no, that’s not me. I went out and bought one on my way to Bloomingdale’s. It was not only delicious but also proved to be the perfect pre-shopping spree snack. Which by the transitive property or something means that it would also be the perfect pre-online-shopping-spree-at-work snack.

Kettle Baked Potato Chips – Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper

Something very unusual and surprising happened the other night. Well, a few things, the first being that I decided to COOK dinner and the second thing being that I decided to make pasta bolognese–probably the most un-Skinnyoffice dish in existence, but whatever, sometimes a girl just needs her meat sauce. Boys always need meat sauce, so of course I was cooking this with (or more like “for”) my boyfriend. The surprising event was that while we were unpacking our groceries, he pulled out a bag of salt and pepper potato chips, which he called an “appetizer.”

Now, I was a little skeptical. Potato chips with salt are good, but salt and pepper? Either they were going to be disgusting, or they were going to be so good that I would have to eat the whole bag. Neither outcome was to my liking. I hesitantly tried one, and I have to admit, it was pretty good. But of course my boyfriend can never do anything completely right, and these were completely regular, unhealthy potato chips, which was fortunately enough to keep me from eating too many. I knew there had to be a better, baked alternative, and I found them the next day in the Kettle brand.

The best part of my home-cooked meal.

The Kettle chips have 65% less fat than other chips and also actually have some fiber. You can have about 20 for 120 calories, making them the perfect mid-afternoon workday snack, and eating salt-and-pepper chips seems SO much cooler than regular just-salt chips. They’re like hipster chips. Not that I want to be hipster, just like sort of accidentally casually a little bit hipster. Sometimes.

P.S. As I write this I am watching a movie on BET called “Phat Girlz.” It’s not the most, um, refined movie, but it’s about body image acceptance and I kind of recommend watching it. If it like already happens to be on TV. Don’t go Netflixing it or anything. It’s not quite THAT good.

Wholly Salsa

I was really struggling with finding a snack to post about today. You may think that someone who writes a blog called SkinnyOffice has an abundance of low-cal snacks in their kitchen cabinet just waiting to be blogged about. But the truth is (is telling the truth here like a magician giving away the secrets to his tricks?) all we have is a meek and quickly dwindling Google doc, which means that most of the time I’m left to my own devices to unearth some obscure snack to blog about.

I find inspiration in the strangest places– everywhere from the supermarket (ok, finding a snack in the supermarket is not strange at all) to the streets of NYC– but  I discovered today’s snack in the most unlikely way.

It happened on Saturday afternoon, when I was rushing down Broadway to get to Club Monaco before my 3pm manicure appointment. I made to to Club Monaco by 2:30, returned the muumuu-type dress that had been crumpled in a bag in my closet for 2 weeks, and mustered up every ounce of energy I had to sprint back to 8th street before my nail appointment. I was making good time–by 2:45 I was crossing Houston– but then something stopped me in my tracks. It was a man with a cat on his head. He had a dog-carrier type bag with a cat inside and the other (more interesting) cat was on his head, like a very furry top hat. I tried to take his picture without him noticing, but he asked for a dollar when he saw my iPhone pointed towards him. I felt a bit sorry for cat man so I gave him the dollar, but when I started thinking about it I realized that he was probably warmer than I was that day, because having a cat on your head must provide great insulation.

Very warm and health conscious Cat Man

This guy didn’t have snacks squirreled away under the cat or anything cool like that, but he was also carrying a grocery bag and in it I saw Wholly Salsa. I’d never heard of Wholly Salsa, but I was very intrigued about Cat Man’s epicurean tastes so when I arrived home (with freshly painted nails) I googled Wholly Salsa, and then went out and bought some for myself.

I know all salsa is pretty low calories, but Wholly Salsa has only 10 calories in every 2 tablespoons and 0 grams of fat. As an added bonus, it contains 15% of your daily requirement for vitamin C!

Maybe I’ll ask Cat Man to guest blog next week? I hope I didn’t steal his snack idea.





Newman’s Own Lite Low-Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing

So Sunday, as usual, there was some big football game or whatever, and obviously I was the only person in Murray Hill not at Brother Jimmy’s eating wings and yelling about the latest unfair foul or something. Instead, I was home alone, moping about my football dilemma, which is that I sort of have a mild interest in football and wanted to be out day-drinking and watching with other people, yet I’m actually not at all interested in football and mostly just wanted to be by myself and watch that Lifetime movie about those middle-school girls who all got pregnant together.

As the pregnant 12-year-olds began to grace my TV screen, I decided that, to celebrate not being pregnant, I would a) open a bottle of wine, and b) make myself a salad. Okay so the salad’s not really an exciting point, but what was exciting about it–and honestly, this is the only thing that induces me ever to make my own salad–was the salad dressing. Introduced to me by a dear college friend, Newman’s Own Lite Low-Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing is the first dressing I have felt is worth making my own salad for lunch. This is a pretty big deal.

If THIS Newman were the Newman on Seinfeld, I bet Jerry would have loved him.

I mean, you kind of have to be into the tangy, Asian-inspired, “sesame ginger” kind of taste, but let’s be honest, we’re not talking about the most sophisticated flavoring here–you’ll probably like it. It’s the best part of my salad, which I guess isn’t really saying much since I’m always basically too lazy to put anything in a salad besides lettuce, and on a good day, some turkey. But still–this dressing doesn’t taste like it only has 35 calories per two tablespoons, and you can put on as much of it as you want and not worry about defeating the purpose of eating a salad.

I promise, with this dressing you will actually look FORWARD to your salads, not dread their tastelessness!

Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds

I keep almost no food in my fridge. I hate to admit it, but I never, ever cook (except for one half-assed attempt to make fish in September), so there’s really no reason for me to have anything other than a few bottles of seltzer (basically the only thing I drink), an old clove of garlic that my mom gave me in hopes that owning garlic might lead me to some culinary epiphany, and a super-size bottle of soy sauce. You might think the soy sauce has no place in an apartment so devoid of things one might put soy sauce on, but the truth is, soy sauce makes literally everything taste better and there’s nothing on earth that I wouldn’t put it on. I love soy sauce so much it actually haunts my dreams.

Once I had this very old cucumber, which I had accidentally left sitting in my kitchen in the bottom of a grocery bag for about 3 days. When I found it, I was about to throw it out and then I had the brilliant idea to douse it in soy sauce. When I tried it I couldn’t even tell that the cucumber had spent the past 3 days rotting on my floor!

Ok, my cucumber wasn't this old. But I bet soy sauce could even help this!

I’d be happy if everything I ever ate for the rest of my life was completely saturated in soy sauce– really, I would. So that’s why I was just ecstatic when I discovered Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds. 

I’m not a huge almond fan– they’re plain and sometimes the brown part gets stuck in my teeth. But cover almonds in a little wasabi and soy sauce and you have a delicious treat! Blue Diamond almonds have just the right about of wasabi. They’re not too hot, but you definitely can taste it. And the soy sauce, oh, I don’t even need to say anything about the soy sauce. SO. GOOD. There are 170 calories in 28 nuts, and I’m not sure of the exact science, but I know that nutritionists always recommend eating them because they keep you full. Or maybe because they have good fats. Or maybe both. Either way, these almonds are so good you won’t even think of looking at the nutrition label.




What’s a girl to do when she wants a little four o’ clock snack, but doesn’t want to get too full for dinner, and doesn’t want to completely negate her twenty-minute-half-assed elliptical workout of that morning?

She eats pickles.

They’re more than just cucumbers. They’re more than just Snooki’s favorite snack. They’re more than that impossible-to-open jar. Pickles are the ultimate SkinnySnack.

Pickle Queen.

These salty cucumbers-in-disguise have practically zero calories in addition to being so tasty that no girl, despite their somewhat questionable coolness factor, can say no to one. Or five.

Sure, eating a pickle in the office can be far from discreet–pickles smell kind of strong (but like totally in a good way!), and one must be careful to avoid any seemingly risqué behavior in eating one. Come on. Y’all know what I mean.

These are some real beauts.

Slice ’em, eat ’em whole, put ’em on a turkey wrap–honestly, there are many amazing uses for pickles besides just being a sidekick to the turkey club you ordered at that diner. And there are so many KINDS of pickles–dill, sour, garlic, the crunchy kind with that weird bird–that it’s actually been proven to be scientifically impossible not to like at least one variety. So what if they’re a little funny-looking?

One pickle tip: However tempting it may be to eat a whole gaggle of pickles in one sitting, don’t. I promise, you won’t feel your best.

Skinny Pop Popcorn

Well, the past few days have certainly been a whirlwind in terms of celebrity news. I guess there’s been a lot going on in real news too, with the republican debates and all, but who had time to pay any attention to that! I mean, Beyonce’s BABY WAS BORN yesterday. I bet that even Mitt Romney himself was flipping back and forth from Fox News to E! all weekend, just to make sure he knew what the baby was named (reports have been unclear, but I believe it’s been confirmed that the baby girl is named Blue Ivy Carter). As if I wasn’t busy enough reading every single word ever written on the birth of this superstar baby, today is Kate Middleton’s 30th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATE!!! I simply do not know if there are enough hours in the day for me to scour the web for a minute-by-minute update on Kate’s birthday plans while simultaneously checking for new updates on baby Blue.

Princess Kate

It’s barely 11am and I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed about the amount of amount of “news” I’m going to consume today, and needless to say, I see some seriously stress-snacking in my immediate future. On a day as special as this one, my snack of choice must be fit for royalty (both the real kind of royalty, like Kate, and the Hollywood kind, like Blue and her superstar parents). And that is why I’m sitting here with some SkinnyPop Popcorn, one hand typing, the other reaching deep into a bag of this guilt-free, 39-calories per cup popcorn.

Princess Blue

I promise you, SkinnyPop tastes exactly like any full-calorie popcorn, and you can even taste a light hint of butter. It’s a perfect snack for mindless eating (which I will be doing all day, as I am physically unable to concentrate on anything other than the internet), and since this popcorn is so low in calories, I don’t have to worry about gaining an ounce! I’m gonna be eating a lot of popcorn today….


The princess of all popcorn

SkinnySubmission: PopCorners

When I was first informed about this website in the middle of October, I was instantly intrigued. After graduating college in 2009 and waitressing for a good year and half-two years while hitting the pavement everyday looking for what my friends and I would refer to as a “big girl job” I didn’t really worry about what I was consuming because I would run around a restaurant 5 days a week, 5-9 hours a day and it wasn’t really a huge concern. However, once I got my first “big girl job” in October, I found myself wanting to snack because I was bored sitting at my desk.

A good friend of mine sent me this link and I was instantly addicted. Now when I go shopping every two weeks for snacks, soup, Diet Coke, and cat food for my fatty cat (who needs a skinnycat blog), I tend to look for low-calorie goodness or ways I can make my classic choices a little bit lighter.

While I was in my hometown of Poughquag I ventured into a little deli which housed a shelf full of gluten-free items. On that shelf I stopped when I got to a product called PopCorners. “The New Shape Of Popcorn,” the catchy phrase underneath the title, states that they take a new shape.  These awesome little triangles are delicious and come in 5 flavors: sea salt, white cheddar, kettle corn, cheesy jalapeno, and butter.  I picked up a sandwich and a bag of the butter flavored PopCorners and set out for my next doctor’s appointment. To my amazment these “chips” taste just like a bag full of movie theater butter popcorn…yumm…cannot beat that!

We've seen popped corn, and popped collars, but popped chips! What will they think of next...

The best part is, they are only 120 calories and 3.5 grams of fat for 1 ounce, or 28 grams of these “chips” and they fill you right up!  Plus, you have the crunch of a real chip and the softness of popcorn so it is like you are eating a surprise within each different bite! My gluten-free co-worker has found my stash and cleaned me out! Guess I will be on the hunt for some more PopCorners! This time, I think I will try the white cheddar ones considering I LOVE white cheddar popcorn; however, I do not love the 10 grams of fat that are in a lunch sized bag…

So to all my fellow Skinnyoffice-rs out there, give ’em a try and let me know what you think!

Happy New Year to everyone!

–Alison, 25, MVP Health Care