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Seeking Submissions!!!

We want to expand our food horizons and we need your help! Are there any snacks or drinks that you love? If there are, please share them with us! Every Wednesday we post a guest blog so come on and send us your Skinnysnack reviews!

Reviews must contain the name of the product and a brief write-up explaining why it’s a great snack. Don’t forget to include your first name, age, and job!

There are two ways of submitting reviews: you can click on the Submissions button at the top of the page and fill out the form there or you can shoot an email to SkinnyOffice at gmail dot com.

We’re looking forward to reading about and trying out your recommended snacks!



Sweet and salty are coming together for Valentine’s Day, proving that opposites do attract! Everyone’s favorite bar, LUNA, is releasing a brand new flavor, Peanut Honey Pretzel, and we’re giving away A WHOLE BOX of LUNA’s new bar!

It would take us days to list the reasons we love LUNA Bars, but here are some of the many benefits:

Peanut Honey Pretzel Nutritional Benefits

·         Under 200 calories

·         9 grams of protein

70 percent organic

·         Good source of fiber (3g)

·         High in calcium, folic acid, iron

·         Good source of vitamin D

·         Low glycemic

To win a box of this brand new flavor LUNA Bars, please write a short post about your favorite thing to snack on in the office. Email your submission to: by noon on Friday, February 17th. We will contact the winner by the evening of the 17th!

In addition to winning a box of LUNA Bars, the winning post will also be featured on SkinnyOffice next week! Good luck!!

Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Bites

I’m sorry for the 2-day hiatus. I’ve been in mourning over Elena’s departure from SkinnyOffice. I’m slowly but surely beginning to recover, and I’ve mustered up the energy to introduce you all to something REALLY worth trying today. It all begins with a short story about my mom…

My mom really likes to make sure I’m eating well. If she thinks I’m not getting enough protein, she’ll make me a filet mignon for lunch. Not enough calcium? Every type of yogurt ever made suddenly appears in the fridge. Once when I was in college and eating Special K 3 meals a dat she same-day shipped me a rotisserie chicken from NY to DC. (This is a true story. Ask my then-roommates.)


She’s not one to skimp on calories, so it’s particularly shocking that my mom is the inspiration behind today’s SkinnyOffice snack. When I arrived at my parents house last weekend, we were about to head out for an after-dinner fro-yo when my mom remembered that she had bought a new type of frozen treat– Yoplait Frozen Yogurt Bites.

Holy mother of god these are one of the best frozen dessert products I have ever had in my life. They are like little balls of frozen Yoplait yogurt, coated in this crunchy, perfectly sweetened granola crust, and filled with just the lightest strawberry filling. They have only 30 calories per bite, but consider this fair warning, there is literally no way that you will eat just one. I promise. Apparently the fro-yo bites come in other flavors– I heard the key lime pie is good too, but I’m a big fan of the strawberry.

Go buy these. Now.


Poptart Mini Crisps

I haven’t had a poptart in over a decade (that’s an estimate–not an exact count.) I used to love the original strawberry flavor, and I enjoyed many, many strawberry poptarts throughout my childhood and into my tweenage years. But then two things happened: first, poptarts started making WAY more frosted pop tarts than original ones– so much so that it became increasingly difficult to find non-frosted pop tarts. And i hate frosting. Second, I started noticing calories, and with 200 cals per pop tart, these snacks dropped to the very bottom of my favorite foods list (instead being replaced with things like baby carrots and slices of plain grilled chicken….and dumplings, which are certainly not the lowest calorie food around, but I love them more than I love my dog.)

Hello poptarts! Welcome back to my life!

Anyway, the other day at the supermarket I stumbled upon Poptart Mini Crisps– the answer to all dieting poptart lovers’ prayers. They’re mini poptarts that come in 100 calorie packs! They don’t have the chewy filling that a regular poptart does, and they’re crunchy like a cracker– not soft like a pastry. Oh and they’re kind of a weird shape too, like a bent square. They come in a few flavors– frosted strawberry and frosted cinnamon, and though I mentioned my dislike of frosting, this frosting is dry and hard (in a good way…)If it’s pop tarts you want, but you don’t want a giant 200 calorie pastry, these mini crisps will do the job!

SkinnySumbission: Sophie Yogurt

I love Greek yogurt.  In fact, I eat one just about every day.  When I walked into a local supermarket and walked over to the yogurts, I was delighted to see a new yogurt, right next to my usual selection.  The label said “Sophie” and they had flavors such as, vanilla bean, chocolate, and banana cream pie.  It sounded like dessert to me, and who doesn’t love dessert?  When I looked at the nutrition label, I saw that the Vanilla Bean had 110 calories, 0grams of fat, and 15grams of Protein.  The Chocolate had, 140 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 13 grams of Protein. I couldn’t believe it.  As a vegetarian (I do eat fish), I take my protein sources very seriously, and that was almost half a days worth!  

I decided to try one Vanilla Bean and one Chocolate. When I put the first spoonful in my mouth, my taste buds almost exploded.  I had never tasted a Greek Yogurt, as thick and as creamy as this one.  Both the vanilla bean and chocolate were full of taste and completely satisfying.  I eat this healthfully delicious yogurt for any meal or snack.  Word on the street (website) is that they’re coming out with more flavors, such as Lemon Chiffon, Caramel, Sour Cherry Pie, Passion Fruit, Strawberries and Cream, White Chocolate Almond and Pumpkin Pie.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.  Check out their website to see where you can buy it, and enjoy!  
Nicole, 24, NYC 

JELL-O Sugar-Free Pudding Snacks

This is a hard week to be in the office. Probably the hardest week of the year, in fact, besides the week before the Fourth of July, during which there is just too much to think about to concentrate on work (Pools! Barbecues! Should I wear my new maxi dress? It’s so nice out! Wah I want to be outside with my friends already! Hm I hope there’s wine.).

But back to why being at work THIS week is difficult. I mean, for one thing, your mind isn’t on doing that filing you’ve been meaning to do forever. It’s debating whether or not your New Year’s Eve dress is glittery enough, and wondering whom you will end up kissing at midnight, and hoping it doesn’t turn out to be a 17-year-old like that one time in Montreal. And then there are just so many winter activities you could be doing instead of being at the office–ice skating, shopping the post-Christmas sales, curling up in sweats with some diet hot chocolate…you get the picture.

The worst thing about being in the office this week, though, is the plethora of leftover baked goods that your coworkers bring to the office for everyone. They get to pat themselves on the back for being generous and not wasteful, and you get to have to stare at those stupid snowman cookies all day, every day as you attempt to practice the most supreme self-control. What you need this week more than ever is a sweet snack that will help satisfy the craving that those cookies induce and that will help you to stop glaring at them (which, yes, everyone is noticing).

Your Holiday-Cookie-Craving Conqueror

One such treat is JELL-O’s Sugar-Free/Reduced-Calorie Pudding Snacks. My favorite flavors are Dulce De Leche (because I like to seem classy and sophisticated) and Chocolate Vanilla Swirls (hey, I have my simple, classic side too). They taste just as creamy and sweet and delicious as regular pudding–though to be honest, I’m no expert in regular pudding–and each serving-size pudding cup is 60 calories. So next time those red-and-green-frosted brownies are calling to you, coolly ignore them, saunter over to the fridge, and watch everyone admire your more disciplined yet still delectable replacement treat.