Job Search Engines: Non-Profit

Last week’s Job Search Engine post focused on four of the biggest and most popular sites and identified the pros and cons of the search engines, while noting what type of jobs (and internships) one is likely to find on each site.  Of the four sites profiled, Craigslist and Indeed are the best for finding jobs in non-profit, with the former having a specific “nonprofit sector” job section and the latter regularly featuring jobs in the arts, education, social services, as well as other non-profit fields.

Although Craigslist and Indeed can be extremely helpful when looking for a job in non-profit, here are our picks for specific non-profit search engines that make it easier for you to find jobs that appeal to you without sifting through countless jobs that do not.

Yeah, we’re still Glinda-ing it up.

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Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies

There are few simple pleasures that are better than a chewy, chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven. Unfortunately, it’s probably a fire safety hazard and bad office form to bring an Easy Bake Oven to work, so it’s nearly impossible to have fresh, warm chocolate chip cookies in the office. Alas, we must instead buy packaged cookies and hope that they taste great and don’t break our teeth.

Enter Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

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Office Workout: Butt

Every week we spend hours at work, sitting at our desks, barely moving anything aside from our fingers across the keyboard. Thankfully, we can still tone different parts of our bodies while carrying out the day’s tasks; from abs to arms to legs and now our butts, we’re able to simultaneously work out and do our work.

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Stretch Island Fruit Co. Smooshed Strawberry FruitaBü

While it has been years since most of my peers have eaten Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, or Fruit-by-the-Foot, I’ve actually eaten those candies within the last couple of months. I just love candy. [Don’t] Sue me.

My friend Rosa, well aware of my predilection for fruit-flavored candy, suggested that I try fruit leather. “Suuuuuure”, I told her in that “don’t hold your breath” kind of way. But the weekend rolled around, and as my Olympics-induced awareness of my mediocrity heightened, I figured it was time to step outside of my comfort zone and do something different. It was time to not only know better but to do better. Fruit leather would obviously be instrumental in this transformation.

But the health food store was all out of fruit leather, so I picked up a box of Stretch Island Fruit Co. Smooshed Strawberry FruitaBü instead.

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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-didn’t kick our tea habit, but we introduced some lemonade into the mix

-helped with your job search and your schmoozing skills

-showed the value of a well-executed thank you

-worked out our arms and our entire bodies and relaxed our minds

-painted our nails baby blue and discovered great sheer lipsticks

-finally found bags that fit our laptops

-traveled to gardens and church parks downtown and to a stand that sells fish from the Long Island Sound

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P.S. Our beauty posts are here, our fashion posts here, and exercise posts are here.

Crystal Light Pure Lemonade

I’ll confess, I don’t really do the whole light powdered drink mix thing. They never appealed to me, plus they’re usually sweetened with aspartame which I find to be one of the grossest flavors out there. But I was in the supermarket earlier this week, and I spotted Crystal Light Pure Lemonade. Calling a product “Pure” is a pretty bold move, so I picked up the box to investigate these claims of purity.

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Yoga and the Office: Mind

Yoga has numerous physical benefits, and many poses can be transformed into seated stretches for the hips, shoulders, and back that you can easily do at work. In addition to releasing the tension that we accumulate in our bodies throughout the day, yoga can also relieve our minds of stress.

Being stressed can leave you in a bad mood long after you’ve left the office, and it’s also an exhaustive state of being. Whether it’s  a client insulting the quality of your work or an annoying colleague, these yoga poses will help you regroup, refocus, and not let the stress of the workplace eat you alive.

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Off to Market: Blue Moon Fish

Named a “Greenmarket staple” by the 2008 Zagat Survey, Blue Moon Fish has been selling Long Island caught fish at New York City Greenmarkets since 1988 at the start of the local food movement. Although the founding couple Alex and Stephanie Villani dock their boat (and namesake) in Mattituck, Long Island, we recently caught up with co-founder Stephanie at their Union Square Greenmarket stall where they sell fresh whole and filleted fish, shellfish, and their own smoked and pickled fish on Wednesdays.

In addition to their Union Square stand, you can find Blue Moon Fish at the Grand Army Plaza and Tribeca Greenmarkets on Saturdays. You can also check them out on Twitter @bluemoonfishnyc.

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Networking: Dos and Don’ts

Nobody said networking was easy. Engaging in conversation with strangers is difficult, but the potential connections will be lucrative for your future, so here are some tips to keep in mind next time you’re wringing your hands at the door.

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Office Nails: Caress and Blue Lagoon

Aside from our posts on summer reds and Olympic-inspired gold, we tend to veer towards neutrals, pinks, or pastels when it comes to summer nails for the office, and this week is no different.

Baby blue, one of the most popular pastels, is a wonderful summer polish; it adds color and personality to your look, and it’s complimentary to more skin tones than bold colors. Unfortunately, a lot of polishes that appear to be baby blue in the bottle turn out much darker once you apply them. Here are two shades that will give you the light blue that will give you a much needed coolness in the middle of the summer heat.

Caress by Illamasqua

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