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SkinnyOffice’s Greatest Hits: Our Favorite Snacks of All-Time

Before we start introducing new snacks, here’s a look at some of our favorites from last year!

Skinny Cow

Meet Skinny Cow, a true champion of staying slim at your desk!

1. Hint Water. For a DIY/totally BS juice cleanse. Read the post HERE.

2. Starbucks Joy Tea. For zero calories of holiday joy. Read our post HERE.

3. Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisps. Even Mariah Carey likes these! Read our post HERE.

4. Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffeemate. Great in coffee or diet hot chocolate. Read our post HERE.

5. Extra Dessert Delights Apple Pie Gum. If pie isn’t an option, this is a chewy alternative! Read our post HERE.

6. Arctic Zero “ice cream”.  Not ice cream, not really anything. Read our post HERE.

7. Garden Lite Soufflé. OMG. Yes. Read our post HERE.

8. Spicy Hot V8. Like a virgin Bloody Mary. Read our post HERE.

9. Bobbi’s Hummus and Bean Dip. Great as a dip or condiment. Read our post HERE.

10. Imagine Organic Creamy Broccoli Soup. 60 calories of warm amazingness. Read our post HERE.


SkinnySubmission: Fiber One Brownies

I still feel full from Thanksgiving dinner. How could I not after indulging in countless plates of carbs, meats and fat-laden sides, all topped off with a generous slice of pumpkin pie? But with Turkey-gate 2011 now behind us, we have another diet-busting holiday looming on the horizon. The upcoming holiday season is once again wreaking havoc on waistlines across the country, and the candies, cookies, chocolates and cakes have started rearing their ugly heads.  Candy canes in the doctor’s office? White chocolate bark at the nail salon? Macaroon samples in Whole Foods? What is the world coming to?!

SkinnyWorkers have to pull out all the stops to combat what I like to call the prerequisite “Festive Bulge”- you know, the kind where your favorite pair of J Brand skinnies suddenly feel like Saran Wrap? But there are only so many carrot sticks and plain-lettuce-dressing-on-the-side salads you can eat in the four weeks leading up to Christmas before breaking down and inhaling five of those scrumptious looking sugar cookies a (demonic) co-worker left in your office kitchen. That is where Fiber One Brownies come in!

Unlike the brownies at that office holiday party, these will actually help you feel full!

At 90 calories a pop, these melt-in-your mouth treats will satisfy your sweet tooth without creating a Saint Nick-style physique. They come in two flavors (the Chocolate Peanut Butter is to die for) and provide 20% of your daily required fiber, keeping you full well past the 3 p.m. slump. For an extra special treat, pop a brownie in the microwave and top with a scoop of Arctic Zero. These will having you singing, “‘tis the season to stay skinny!”

McKenzie, 23,