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SkinnySubmission: Chocolate-Drizzled Pretzels

This recipe for the popular sweet and salty snack comes from Shannon of Skinny Sometimes. Check out her site and follow her on Twitter.

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Chocolove Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate

I strongly believe that the combination of spicy and sweet is one of the best flavor combos out there, and it seems like chocolate tends to be the best sweet to pair with spicy. On top of that, now that we know that dark chocolate (in moderation) can be good for you, it’s possible to get the spicy and the sweet without the guilt or fear. If you like spicy food and are looking for a bar with a kick, Chocolove’s Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate is for you.

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Lindt Excellence Chili Bar

Like red wine, dark chocolate belongs to the short list of indulgent foods/drinks people like that are actually good for us. In moderation, of course. According to a study conducted by researchers from San Diego State University, dark chocolate can have a positive effect on the heart by lowering “bad” cholesterol and blood sugar levels while raising good cholesterol levels. Excellent! So why not celebrate this (old) good news with a bar of dark chocolate? Seems appropriate to me!

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