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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-ate crisps that were like cookies and crispbreads that were like crackers

-celebrated fig spread’s ability to transform the cooking-challenged into master sandwich makers

-found ourselves craving hummus after reading Treena Wynes(@MoodyFoods)’s post

-discovered that there’s nothing like eating lunch in front of a waterfall next to pieces of the Berlin wall

-chose three pieces from Zara to add some personality to the old work wardrobe

-picked two nude nail polishes that will look good inside and outside the office

-ate peach salsa (maybe too much)

-loved dark chocolate with chili and it loved us back

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Office Nails: Safari Beige and Cafe au Lait

There’s nothing quite like a good nude nail polish. Eternally classic, a nude polish can add a little sophistication to your look without calling attention to itself, making it perfect for the office. Plus, there are so many different nude shades that there’s a good chance of finding one that works for your skin tone. It might not be the most exciting manicure but you won’t have to worry about hiding your hands from your boss or receiving disapproving looks from HR.

Safari Beige by Dior

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