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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-were inspired by the Olympics to challenge ourselves and go for gold

-mastered the art of the pitch

-strengthened our legs and relaxed our shoulders

-ate chocolate, again

kept our cool while looking cool

-showed off our appreciation for urban renewal, Chelsea style

-learned about freekeh and the difficulties of harvesting beans, thanks to Cayuga Pure Organics

-were given a recipe for a tasty summer salad (also thanks to Cayuga Pure Organics)

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Office Nails: Good as Gold and Golden-I

With the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics a day away, it seems only fitting to make gold this week’s nail shade. The preferred color of champions all over the world, gold is a nice break from the brighter summer colors and the reliable cooler neutrals or pastels that we tend to favor this time of year.

Gold nail polish adds a metallic sheen or sparkle to your hands without being too loud or too safe, although it still shouldn’t be worn in conservative offices.

Good as Gold by Essie
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