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Office Nails: Good as Gold and Golden-I

With the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics a day away, it seems only fitting to make gold this week’s nail shade. The preferred color of champions all over the world, gold is a nice break from the brighter summer colors and the reliable cooler neutrals or pastels that we tend to favor this time of year.

Gold nail polish adds a metallic sheen or sparkle to your hands without being too loud or too safe, although it still shouldn’t be worn in conservative offices.

Good as Gold by Essie
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Office Nails: Mint Candy Apple and Minted

Pastel nail polishes tend to be associated with spring, but when you work in an office and can’t sport the bright colors of the summer, pastel shades are the best way to change up your look. More subdued than the bold and neon summer shades, pastels compliment the conservative outfits you wear to the office as well as your more casual—and probably more exciting—after-work and weekend clothes.

Mint Candy Apple by Essie

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