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Sugar-Free Popsicles

The only thing I love more than a sweet, low-calorie, frozen treat is a sweet, low-calorie, frozen treat that I can eat using only one hand (Shopbop isn’t gonna browse itself, people). And there are even more advantages to sugar-free popsicles. You don’t need a plate, which means you don’t have to wash said plate; it takes a while to eat just one (the Holy Grail of low-calorie food qualities!); and the colors are so bright and pretty, just like me.

You can have the whole box for 180 calories! But...maybe don't.

Popsicles are the perfect snack to eat while you’re at a computer, it’s like they were made for an office or study-room setting. I don’t even want to tell you how many of these I ate during college. Sometimes I stocked up on so many I’d have to take them out of the box in order to fit them all into my freezer (though admittedly, most of my other groceries had to go into the freezer as well). The brand of fruit-flavored popsicles that I always bought and highly recommend is the Popsicle brand, since who could possibly make better popsicles than the company NAMED “Popsicle”?! They only have 15 calories per popsicle, and absolutely zero of anything else remotely nutritious but who cares? Sure, they aren’t the “real fruit” ones with “no preservatives” or whatever, but come on, get over yourself–who are you, Michael Pollan?

And if you eat enough of them, you can make a popsicle-stick house, which could be one of those quirky conversation-starters that you use when you feel uncomfortable at a party.