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Andes Chocolate Mints

Last night after work, Elena and I had a SkinnyOffice dinner party. I shouldn’t really call it a dinner party since it was just me and Elena sitting on the floor of my apartment eating sushi, but this time of year everything is more festive, and with my Christmas tree in the background, even two people sharing a few slabs of raw fish seems like a holiday get-together.

Elena didn't even take off her jacket before begging me to take her holiday shot

We were singing along to the Glee Christmas album, dreaming of Christmas (and Hanukkah) presents, and Elena was feeling so jolly she made me take pictures of her standing alone next to the tree. Maybe it was the smell of the tree (or the smell of the pine-tree-scented candle I lit), but by the time we finished dinner we were feeling so lighthearted that we decided to have dessert. I don’t mean some frozen grapes and a shot of limoncello, the kind of dessert you may assume people who write a blog called SkinnyOffice would eat. We’re talking real dessert: a bag of week-old cookies, a few handfuls of red and green M&Ms, some Hershey’s kisses, and some very stale Almond Joy Pieces (why are all my desserts old?).

Overcome by the holiday spirit, we didn’t want to leave any seasonal treat uneaten, but the only thing left to eat in my apartment was Andes Chocolate Mints. I insisted that Andes mints are not a holiday candy– mints are ALWAYS in season, right? Elena disagreed. Since I was in a particularly generous mood last night, I gave in and we indulged in one last treat. But it turns out it was not an indulgence at all! Andes Chocolate mints only have 25 calories EACH!

Putting them in a star-shaped bowl makes them look more festive

Andes Chocolate mints are made of one sliver of mint sandwiched between two pieces of dark chocolate. It really is a winning combination. I know we’ve talked about holiday miracles before, and it seems that the 2011 holiday season is turning out to be even more miraculous that I had imagined (snack-wise, of course!)

I’ve already filled my jacket pockets with Andes mints. God forbid I’m on the subway (or anywhere) without a snack…now I can just pull a chocolate mint out of my pocket, and 25 calories later, I’m satisfied!