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Extra Dessert Delights Apple Pie Gum

I love Thanksgiving. I love it so much that I’m writing about it today, a full 20 days before November 24th, 2011.  I even know that there are exactly 20 days until Thanksgiving because I downloaded a Thanksgiving Countdown Widget. I’m amazed that the entire American population does not share my gleeful anticipation for The Greatest Holiday of All Time, but my fellow countrymen do have other things on their minds. Thanks, Kim Kardashian, for distracting the nation with the devastations of your love life.

The problem with loving Thanksgiving so much is that for the entire month of November, all I want to eat is turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and apple pie, and having the robust appetite that I do, my cravings always present me with the most dire dilemma of my year: do I indulge all 23 days leading up to the big event (and probably gain a few pounds in the process), or do I deprive myself of all Thanksgiving food until the last Thursday in November, when I inevitably will overeat to make up for all I’ve missed?

It’s a Catch-22 that I wrestle with every fall, but this year it all comes to an end. This is 2011: the year of the Thanksgiving Miracle. 

In the spirit of giving and sharing and whatever else the holiday season stands  for, I’m going to share this miracle with you. As we all learned from the legendary Rugrats Hanukkah special, miracles come in many forms, and this miracle happens to come in the form of Apple Pie flavored chewing gum.

Hello calories and fat!

Made by Wrigley’s, Extra Dessert Delights Apple Pie gum is literally a savior for Thanksgiving-aholics like me.  The gum comes in a seasonally appropriate cranberry-colored pack, and includes a very generous 15 pieces! Each piece is tucked inside a silver wrapper that glitters like tinsel, and when you open it the scent of  freshly ground cinnamon dances in the air. The big moment, when you actually bite into the gum, is even better than one could imagine. This actually tastes like apple pie. If it didn’t get hard and lose flavor after about 7 minutes, it would be delicious enough to replace the real thing (for the 364 days of the year that I don’t allow myself to eat real pie, of course.) With Apple Pie gum, it can be Thanksgiving every day!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

But the Thanksgiving Miracle of 2011 doesn’t end there! Extra Dessert Delights comes in five other flavors: Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake and Orange Creme Pop. The Mint Chocolate Chip is creamy and totally worth the 5 calories per stick; the Key Lime Pie is so shockingly tart that it scared me out of trying any of the other flavors.

Despite the horror that is Key Lime Pie gum, this Thanksgiving I am thankful for the people at Wrigely’s, for creating a gum that allows me to have my pie and eat it too!