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100 Calorie Packs- Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

On Saturday I shattered the screen of my iPhone. On Sunday I lost my entire wallet. And now it’s Monday. Broken phone + no wallet + Monday= the trifecta of unhappiness. I am less than enthused to go to work this morning.

But as I was watching the Today Show this morning, sulking about the impending work day and the fact that Kathie Lee and Hoda come on an hour too late for me to catch them, I remembered something incredible: last week, I put a box of 100 calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cakes in my fridge. My day is beginning to turn around!

Good morning!

I’m a big fan of 100 calorie packs in general– low in calories and fat, perfectly portioned, a ton of varieties– what’s not to love?! For years I’ve been loyal to the Chips Ahoy 100 cal pack, but last winter I discovered Cinnamon Coffee Cakes, and I haven’t looked back since. There are 3 cakes per pack, each one so small and so delicate it’s like eating a petit delicious cloud. They are lovely. The Cinnamon Coffee Cakes are sweet and they work great as an afternoon snack, but this is a very versatile treat. I ate a pack this morning while waiting for Al Roker to inform me whether or not I needed to wear a jacket today, and it was a wonderfully surprising breakfast! Just throw a pack in your bag and you’re good to go!

I suppose most people store coffee cakes in their kitchen at room temperature, but a friend of mine once shared with me the trick of keeping 100 cal coffee cakes in my fridge. A cold coffee cake is a whole new kind of snack, but these coffee cakes are good any time of day, at any temperature!


SkinnySubmission: Special K Sour Cream & Onion Chips

I’m a salt loving girl, what can I say. Most days when the clock strikes 3 and I’m on my last leg at work, all I can think about is ripping through a bag of chips.  Recently when one of my cravings came over me, I ran over to CVS expecting to buy fattening chips (not my finest hour, but when a girl is desperate…) but to my delight I came across Special K Sour Cream & Onion Chips. For 27 chips it’s only 110 calories and 2.5g of fat! This cannot be a more perfect snack for the busy SkinnyOffice girl.

Special K can do no wrong.

You can buy these chips (which also come in sea salt flavor) pretty much anywhere and they are actually really tasty. I know that you  may be thinking, yeah they probably taste like cardboard, but I swear it’s like dipping your favorite chips into real sour cream and onion dip! I now make sure to keep a box on hand at my desk when the salt monster rears its head, so that I don’t gain all the calories I desperately worked off in spin class that morning. If only these were available while I was in college, I would have definitely saved myself some time at the gym as well as some weight!

Jess, 24, marketing, Manhattan, NY

Annie Chun’s Seaweed

Oh Annie, you make delicious seaweed.

Oh Annie, you make delicious seaweed.


Good Morning NYC! Welcome back to work! Mondays are always rough. Most of us are still recovering from the weekend, thinking about how we should’ve worked out more and imbibed less (well, that’s what I’m thinking about). I had barely started my Monday-morning ritual of sorting through my Outlook mailbox when I was hit with a familiar wave of hunger. It wasn’t actual hunger– it never is at 10:30am– but an elusive sensation that masks itself as hunger and lingers with me each day from 9-5. It’s very strange, but eat I must!

I’m spoiled by having Whole Foods right below my office, and when my options are (a) send follow-up emails to all the people attending the office benefit next week or (b) go down to Whole Foods to peruse the aisles for some SkinnySnack, I always pick option B…and BOY DID I LUCK OUT TODAY! Whole Foods had my favorite snack in stock: Annie Chun’s Seaweed Snacks. They come in two flavors—sesame and wasabi. I opted for wasabi, because more flavor in my snack= less boredom in my day. I’m the only one in the office who likes Annie’s seaweed, and though my co-workers’ disdain is beyond my comprehension, at least I don’t have to share. Each pack comes with about 15-20 thin sheets of seaweed. The seaweed is coated with a thin, powder-like layer of wasabi dust. Wasabi dust is not a technical term, that’s just what it is. The seaweed sheets are perfectly seasoned with said dust, and the crunchiness of each piece really brings the whole thing together. But the best part about Annie’s Seaweed is that there are only 30 calories in ten sheets!! SkinnyWorkers, this is your Monday snack!

This is it!!! My seaweed!

This is it! The seaweed that saves me from my boredom!!