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Office Nails: Waking Up in Vegas and Dove

Gray is a fantastic color. From sheer blouses to pencil skirts, gray pieces add a delicate refinement to an ensemble that darker neutrals cannot, and when it comes to nails, gray polish is no different.

As a neutral, gray is simultaneously conservative and complementary, with shades that work with every skin tone. For the summer, choosing a gray polish with cool undertones will have you abiding by the conservative company dress policy without boring yourself to tears.

Waking Up in Vegas by Deborah Lippman

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Office Nails: Caress and Blue Lagoon

Aside from our posts on summer reds and Olympic-inspired gold, we tend to veer towards neutrals, pinks, or pastels when it comes to summer nails for the office, and this week is no different.

Baby blue, one of the most popular pastels, is a wonderful summer polish; it adds color and personality to your look, and it’s complimentary to more skin tones than bold colors. Unfortunately, a lot of polishes that appear to be baby blue in the bottle turn out much darker once you apply them. Here are two shades that will give you the light blue that will give you a much needed coolness in the middle of the summer heat.

Caress by Illamasqua

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The Great Escape: Express Facials

Aside from the end of the day, which is clearly the best part, lunchtime is one of the high points in a work day. It’s the only time when you can leave the office and do whatever your heart desires (within the allotted time). Sitting all day isn’t good for your body, staring at a computer screen for hours at a time can tire your eyes, and being in the office all day can kill your soul, so you should make every possible effort to leave during your break.

One of the best lunchtime escapes is the quick facial. A facial typically costs over $100, lasts for at least an hour, and is extremely relaxing; thankfully, express facials cost half as much, last half as long, yet still leave your skin and mind renewed and refreshed.

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Office Makeup: MAC Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

At the office, we want to look good without looking too done up. Even if you’re not sure of your ensemble during your morning rush, be sure of your lipstick—a pop of color on the lips can work wonders for you at work. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind: dark colors make your lips looks smaller while light colors make them look fuller and most importantly, your lipstick should complement your skin tone.

A lipstick color similar to your natural lip color with just a little kick is a proven brightener for your face and compliments your features. Sheen Supreme Lipsticks from Mac Cosmetics ($14.50) are among my favorites because they not only have a multitude of colors, but they also go on smoothly and have lasting color.

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Office Nails: Good as Gold and Golden-I

With the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics a day away, it seems only fitting to make gold this week’s nail shade. The preferred color of champions all over the world, gold is a nice break from the brighter summer colors and the reliable cooler neutrals or pastels that we tend to favor this time of year.

Gold nail polish adds a metallic sheen or sparkle to your hands without being too loud or too safe, although it still shouldn’t be worn in conservative offices.

Good as Gold by Essie
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Office Makeup: Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner

Eyeliner can be a tricky way to either enhance your eyes or your Halloween makeup; for the office, let’s go for the former. Reality TV tattoo artist, Kat Von D created Autograph Eyeliner with a precise tip to create the perfect line.

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Office Nails: Corail Colisee and Red Bikini

Like sheers and neutrals, red nail polish is a classic. From the dark, deep reds favored by Old Hollywood to the bright reds sported by models during Moschino’s Fall 2012 RTW show, there’s a red for every skin tone and style.

Since it’s summertime, and nothing screams hot quite like a bright red, here are two bright reds with fun undertones that will complete your summer look.

La Laque Couture in N 4 Corail Colisee by Yves Saint Laurent

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Office Nails: Mint Candy Apple and Minted

Pastel nail polishes tend to be associated with spring, but when you work in an office and can’t sport the bright colors of the summer, pastel shades are the best way to change up your look. More subdued than the bold and neon summer shades, pastels compliment the conservative outfits you wear to the office as well as your more casual—and probably more exciting—after-work and weekend clothes.

Mint Candy Apple by Essie

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Office Nails: Safari Beige and Cafe au Lait

There’s nothing quite like a good nude nail polish. Eternally classic, a nude polish can add a little sophistication to your look without calling attention to itself, making it perfect for the office. Plus, there are so many different nude shades that there’s a good chance of finding one that works for your skin tone. It might not be the most exciting manicure but you won’t have to worry about hiding your hands from your boss or receiving disapproving looks from HR.

Safari Beige by Dior

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Office Nails: Trout Pout and I Pink I Can

Depending on how conservative your office is, working can seriously cramp your nail polish style, especially in the summer when others are showing off their brightly-colored manicures. Thankfully, there are some great office-friendly pinks for the summer that will allow you to escape the monotony of the light pinks, neutrals, and sheers.

Trout Pout by Butter London

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