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Office Exercise: Hand and Wrist Stretches

When I was younger, I never understood what my parents meant when they said they were tired after a long day of work. “You’re just sitting!” I screamed, incensed that they wouldn’t go out and buy me the candy that I so desperately needed. How could sitting be so tiring? Adults were weird.

Fast forward to today, and I now understand how draining sitting in front of a computer can be. The computer is an altar, and every time I place my wrists on the keyboard, it takes some of my energy as a sacrifice. Energy theft isn’t the only downside to sitting at desk for hours at a time; our muscles and joints can get tight and sore from being sedentary, especially if they’re in an awkward position. Today’s stretches target a popular problem region for office workers: the hands and wrists.

Accessories or heavy duty wrist protection?

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Yoga and the Office

Plenty of fitness fads come and go. The list of tenuous trends goes on and on; including anything from specially shaped toning sneakers, to belly dancing, to vibrating treadmill-like contraptions. One type of exercise trend that’s hot, both literally and figuratively, right now is Yoga. Although Yoga originated in India more than a thousand years ago, I’m hoping it becomes a fitness fad that stays.

Among its many benefits, like leaner muscles and an increase in focus and flexibility, Yoga can help eliminate some of the joint pains we get after working a long day. Here are two poses that can ameliorate some of those office-induced pains, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

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