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Office Wear: Colored Pants

Although bright colored trousers may seem too audacious for most corporate establishments, pairing them with a simple top may just land you in the clear for casual Fridays or other less formal office environments. Plus, trousers have the sophistication of a vertical crease, which not only creates a polished look but also vertically divides our thighs, trimming them visually to create a thinner, more polished silhouette.

With less than six weeks of summer left, we thought it’d be nice to show off our favorite bold bottoms while we can, all of which can be paired with any tucked in neutral toned shirt.

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Office Fashion: Laptop Bags

It’s never fun lugging your laptop into work, but it’ll be a little less painful if you can find a cute and spacious bag for it. In today’s fashion post we’re talking about satchels—roomy everyday bags that will instantly add style points to your ensemble while conveniently carrying your laptop (and everything else you need for the day).


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Thank You Cards

In this digital age, two things are for certain: Japan will be the birthplace of the inevitable robot revolution and handwritten correspondence is all but a memory (cursive is the new abacus).

While emails and social media are amazing for instantaneous communication, handwritten notes such as a thank you card can still go a long way, especially in the workplace. Just like other relics of the past, a sighting of a thank you card is a memorable occasion, one that recipients will remember for a long time to come.

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