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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-didn’t kick our tea habit, but we introduced some lemonade into the mix

-helped with your job search and your schmoozing skills

-showed the value of a well-executed thank you

-worked out our arms and our entire bodies and relaxed our minds

-painted our nails baby blue and discovered great sheer lipsticks

-finally found bags that fit our laptops

-traveled to gardens and church parks downtown and to a stand that sells fish from the Long Island Sound

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Office Nails: Caress and Blue Lagoon

Aside from our posts on summer reds and Olympic-inspired gold, we tend to veer towards neutrals, pinks, or pastels when it comes to summer nails for the office, and this week is no different.

Baby blue, one of the most popular pastels, is a wonderful summer polish; it adds color and personality to your look, and it’s complimentary to more skin tones than bold colors. Unfortunately, a lot of polishes that appear to be baby blue in the bottle turn out much darker once you apply them. Here are two shades that will give you the light blue that will give you a much needed coolness in the middle of the summer heat.

Caress by Illamasqua

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