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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-celebrated the return of the one who knocks with (Mr.) white cheddar chips

-focused on our core muscles while sitting at our desks

-had a side of greenery with our lunches

-had @FitToBeWed show us how to make a quick and easy five minute breakfast

-were a little berryobsessed and privacy-obsessed

-took a break from high heels and understated nails

-learned about different colored beets and tomato blight thanks to Stokes Farm

-ended the day on a sweet note

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Special K 100 Calorie Strawberry Pastry Crisps

While digging through the kitchen cupboards in search of a snack to review for today, I found an old (forgot-about-it old not grossly-past-the-expiration-date old) box of Special K 100 Calorie Strawberry Pastry Crisps. A low calorie sweet snack that continues the berry trend of the week?  Sounds perfect!

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