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Office Wear: Colored Pants

Although bright colored trousers may seem too audacious for most corporate establishments, pairing them with a simple top may just land you in the clear for casual Fridays or other less formal office environments. Plus, trousers have the sophistication of a vertical crease, which not only creates a polished look but also vertically divides our thighs, trimming them visually to create a thinner, more polished silhouette.

With less than six weeks of summer left, we thought it’d be nice to show off our favorite bold bottoms while we can, all of which can be paired with any tucked in neutral toned shirt.

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Weekly Roundup

This week we:

-ate crisps that were like cookies and crispbreads that were like crackers

-celebrated fig spread’s ability to transform the cooking-challenged into master sandwich makers

-found ourselves craving hummus after reading Treena Wynes(@MoodyFoods)’s post

-discovered that there’s nothing like eating lunch in front of a waterfall next to pieces of the Berlin wall

-chose three pieces from Zara to add some personality to the old work wardrobe

-picked two nude nail polishes that will look good inside and outside the office

-ate peach salsa (maybe too much)

-loved dark chocolate with chili and it loved us back

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Office Wear from Zara

So, you finally landed that job in the corporate realm of suits and pantyhose. Guess spraying your signature scent on your resume finally paid off and your hands weren’t as clammy as you thought during the interview! Now that the hard part’s over, indulge in three pieces from Zara that will add some moxie to your power walk.

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